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Andy Holley

Dear Bill,

Definitely a valuable model, especially for those who are willing to take charge of their lives and seek fulfillment and success, in the most holistic definition of the word. Having a "Personal Board of Directors" has the potential to substantially enrich once life, expand the space of opportunities and help with personal (and professional) growth. Yet it is likely to demand more of oneself, as it requires active management of the "board", finding one's own way in dealing with potentially or seemingly opposing points of view of your various "board members", as well as being held accountable and facing honest feedback. Still, isn't that what many of us want? I would, however, like to add one additional suggestion: Have at least one of your personal "non-executive directors" come from a background fairly different from yours, e.g. an artist if you are a business professional, to make sure that your perspectives are constantly challenged and expanded even outside of your traditional domain.

Best regards,
Andy Holley

Bill Smillie

Great idea, Andy. I like the element of diversity of perspective.

Tad Jacks

Bill- I am right here with you on the ideas on your blog and from Andy above. The artist as the "non-executive director" is important to the linear thinker because the artist does think out of the box. I encourage all who do not have an artist- musical, visual or other to go and find one. The artist needs us as much as we need them.

Working on being a thought leader and a leader of people.

Best regards,
Tad Jacks

Petar Bielovich

I remember a drink of red wine, at Palisades when you you acted as a Director for my career. Bill, as always, wonderful work.

קניית דומיין

Your post is very informative. According to me the trusted adviser as board of directors because he is a counselor, he has wisdom and experience to impart.

Cheap North Face

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

Matt English

Great thoughts here Bill. As you say, mixing and blending to roles is the key and knowing when they are needed is the trick that I suspect many people find a challenge.

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